The Rules you should follow

Our automated system is designed to create content seamlessly; however, occasional system errors may occur. Please note that we do not have access to manipulate your data as we operate through perfect panel. In the event you require a refill or refund, there are specific procedures in place.

Our panel has been in operation for over 5 years, which you can verify using dnschecker, and we also offer various other panels. We have been in the business since 2017 and launched this website in 2019-2020 time period. Your trust is important to us, and we assure you that we will address any issues promptly and fairly, provided they are reasonable. Rest assured, your money is 100% secure with us.

please join in our whatsapp community for getting latest updates. We are here for solutions for betterment for that you need better understanding with our rules. Read this and follow. [Age checker of website]

Drops can happen depends on server even we written there will not be any drop there are chances especially year end times . social media platforms will take major upates. So they remove fake account.We dont sell any genuine if one service is genuine we will mention its genuine.The risk is completely yours

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Make Sure Your Subscriber, Like, View Counter Is Not Hidden & Accounts Are Public Before You Order.

Please Do Not Order More Than 1 Order For The Same Link At The Same Time Until The First One Is Completed.

Make Sure Your Subscriber, Like, View Counter Is Not Hidden & Accounts Are Public Before You Place An Order.

Please Do Not Order More Than 1 Order For The Same Link At The Same Time Until The First One Is Completed.

Please Do Not Order For Porn, Politics, Extremism And Any Content That Stirs Public Opinion Accounts.

If You Have Any Payment Issues Do Not Worry Just Message Us On WhatsApp Your Money Is 100% Safe With Us.

When You Add Funds We Cant Refund Your Payment In You Bank In Any Case, You Will Just Be Able To Use Your Funds On worldofsmm.

We Cant Cut Your Funds Without Your Concern. The Only Way To Cut Your Funds Is Doing Deductions From Payments. You Can Make Sure That Your Money Is Not Deducted By Visiting Payments Page.

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We Will Suspend Your Account If You Try To Do Manipulation In Add Funds Fraud Or Threaten Us Abuse Or Bad Behave With Support team.

When You Make A New Order or create account here means You Accepted Our Rules Which We Mentioned in T&C.

Please make sure not to change the accounts associated with the link placed from public to private as your order is already running in background. No refunds or cancellations will be given for such scenarios.

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No Refill If You Change Username Or Make Account Private You Will Not Get Refills.

Refill Is Only For Order ID Not For Link. If Link Doesnt work . We cannot Refill.

Refill System Works Condition 1: According To The "Start Count + Order Quantity = End Count" For Each Order Separately. For Example If Your Start Count is 1000 And You Order For 1000 Quantity Then You Will Get Refill If It Goes Below 2000 and it should maintain above 1000. So When You Request A Refill For Many Orders We Will Take A Look On Each Order Separate Depending On its Numbers As We Described.

Refill Request Maybe Rejected If Drop Is Less Than 5% As Our System Only Count Drops Above 5% For Small Orders..

If You Have Ordered Followers And A Drop Happens, Please Click On Refill Button By Going To Orders Page Or Contact Us Via WhatsApp To Refill It And Do Not Order A New One Until The First One Got Fully Refilled Because The New Order Will Have The Current Start Count And You May Get Less Quantity.

Refill Period Differ Along The Updates And Overload But Usually Its Done Within 24-72 Hours.

Refill Condition 2: If Your Account Has A Big Number Of Followers For Example: 200K And You Order 20K, Logically It Will Have A Drop From The Old Followers So We Can Not Refill In This Case So Make Sure To Order All Followers From Our Side So We Could Follow Up And Refill All Of Your Orders.

You Wouldnt Get Any Refills If You Order For a 1M Base With Less Than 200K Order. Atleast You Should Order More Than 20% Of Existing Count. If You Take 1M From One Panel Please Take From One provider Only. Dont switch providers for small profits .

We guarantee the followers for a particular time if it's dropped from End count [start+Quantity you ordered]we refill under certain conditions. And the conditions are as follows 1. a] We don't refill if your quantity is less than 10% of the order 1b] If the profile includes username change 1c] If the profile includes other provider followers

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No Refund If You Order One Order From worldofsmm And Another Order From Other Panels For Same Link. We Never Ever Encourage Such Things. Do Not Expect Any Refunds For Such Cases. For Example You Telling Us The Followers Got On My Profile Was From Other Panel. In Those Cases We Do Not Refund. You Can Wait Until Its Canceled Or Completed.

If You Put Wrong or Non-Working Links. You Do Not Need To Worry About It. It Will Be Automatically Canceled And Refunded To Your Worldofsmm account.

"Partial" Means the Amount Of the Remaining Quantity Is Refunded. For Example If You Ordered For 1000 And Showed 500 Partial Means 50% Payment Refunded.

"Cancelled" Means Refunded. Once A Order Is Marked Canceled Means It Is Fully Refunded.

If You Request Refund For Running Order. It Is Possible For Some Services But Not Possible for fast-working services.

If any order is marked as completed you should inform within 24 of time. Then only we can give refund or any solutions

Dont switch username and ask refills those tricks wont work here. We directly ban the accounts [SCAMMERS ONLY UNDERSTAND THIS] This is platform which is having many service. System errors can occur. Deal it with that way. Always read our terms and conditions. Do not click on potential spam notifications on Instagram. Instagram may send notifications about removing spam accounts; do not click on these. If you do, and your followers drop, it is not our responsibility to refill them. Leave the notifications alone as nothing will happen to your profile. Do not request refills in such cases. Inform your clients as well. A 100% drop is not possible with our old account service, so please make your clients aware.

In Hindi इंस्टाग्राम पर संभावित स्पैम नोटिफिकेशन पर क्लिक न करें। इंस्टाग्राम स्पैम खातों को हटाने के बारे में सूचनाएं भेज सकता है; इन पर क्लिक न करें. यदि आप ऐसा करते हैं और आपके अनुयायी कम हो जाते हैं, तो उन्हें फिर से भरने की जिम्मेदारी हमारी नहीं है। सूचनाओं को अकेला छोड़ दें क्योंकि आपकी प्रोफ़ाइल को कुछ नहीं होगा। ऐसे मामलों में रिफिल का अनुरोध न करें। अपने ग्राहकों को भी सूचित करें. हमारी पुरानी खाता सेवा के साथ 100% की गिरावट संभव नहीं है, इसलिए कृपया अपने ग्राहकों को जागरूक करें।

In portuguese Não clique em possíveis notificações de spam no Instagram. O Instagram pode enviar notificações sobre remoção de contas de spam; não clique neles. Se você fizer isso e seus seguidores caírem, não é nossa responsabilidade reabastecê-los. Deixe as notificações de lado, pois nada acontecerá com o seu perfil. Não solicite recargas nesses casos. Informe seus clientes também. Uma queda de 100% não é possível com nosso antigo serviço de conta, portanto, informe seus clientes.

Its your responsiblity to keep all the order ID s associated to same link for refill. so when you ask for refill. please make ensure that all the orders IDs submitted fully.

Regarding Live views

Always take screenshot of live for proof. Suppose you are ordering 30 mins live just take screenshot in given time period. So that we can get a better understanding . Screenshot should include the time,username and count. Any fake documents will may lead to suspend your account directly

YT watch hours

always provide a proper screenshots of video or channel analytics

Submitting fake documents will suspend your account directly

Regarding Indian SMM payment

If you receive funds from your client with our payment method. Your account will be suspended without any notice.

Wrong payments will be refunded within 24hrs of time

This is a multivendor platform which resell services from different providers. we sell services at certain % of profit. we dont have any relation with account creating of social media platforms. we resell only. And this is a platform which displays services from providers. We recieve payments for providers. We act as a mediater for serving better. we dont disclose any of our provider details due to security reasons.